Well, this came out of a jam session, a helluva happening that spiraled out of the ether into the physical; a place where Cameron Saunders & O1 (Cellula), Alain Pierre Babin, & Geoffrey Williams (me) intersect.

Melody, poetry, percussion, discussion, beats and the word from a street somewhere near you.

It’s the words that come from/come through Alain Babin that really drive this project. They paint pictures with large brush strokes of a world in trouble, and the hope that is inherently human; that we can steer the lilting ship away from the rocks of certain peril; that we can together weave a world of consideration out of the rags of separation; that even though we can’t seem to find it, all is not lost.

As the lyrics to ZH! song ‘Silver & Gold’ say:

Live life loving before you grow old

Loving is better than silver & gold

Silver & gold will vanish away

But a good vibration will never decay

The poet telling our stories, supported & complimented by soulful vocals over electro microscopic grooves. Check out the tracks here. In the meantime, want to know what the mountain said? Listen to what the ZebraHeard!

3 Comments to “ZebraHeard!”

  1. Hi really special stuff here thanks and let’s have more.
    Please listen to my melodies when you have a chance.Thanks




  2. Fantastic funky sound n a message to boot. Where are you playing next n when?

  3. Hey Caitlin – we do Sat April 28 at the Theatre Royal in Castlemaine Victoria supporting Ganga Giri. ‘Hope to see you there!

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