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May 20, 2014

Failure is an option..

Hope this message finds you well. In the immortal words of James Brown, ‘Whoa, I feel good…!’. Why, because I started clearing out my garage today listening to some demos of mine from the early nineties! I could hear the terrible hair style! At some point I may let you hear them….

Anyway, just a quick note to say I have another blog entry on the Roland Corp Australia blog site. In this one, I share my biggest failure success story!

Ooh, and check out the Michael Jackson song story if you haven’t already. You can read it here:

Also, I want to bring your attention to two upcoming gigs that are going to be epic! They are:

– Geoffrey Williams: Love songs and groove! at The Main Bar, Ballarat on Saturday May 24th. Anna Bilbrough supporting
– The Resignators, Ballarat Ska Union & Geoffrey Williams at The Courthouse Theatre, Ballarat, June 7th. This gig will be streamed live via Playfi. You can book your tickets now at this link:

If you’re physically in da area, drop by, say hi and stay for a while to soak in some smoothin’ and groovin’! I would love to see you there!

OK, as Porky Pig would say, that’s all folks,

Salut maintenant!

April 7, 2011

Short Song on the Fly – Green Island by the Sea

Another in the ‘Short Song on the Fly’ series. This idea is from Karen, thank you! Click here to watch it. The words are:

Green Island by the sea,

so warm and calm,

just the place to be with you’.

This experiment continues… Enjoy!