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February 12, 2015

The Nina Simone / Bill Withers performance project



Nina Simone and Bill Withers. Yes indeed. Artists that know how to tell is like it is.

I’ve been a fan of these two for some time and when I was asked to put together a show, they came into my mind through an small window in the attic, made themselves at home, opened a suitcase brimming with these powerful songs and have been squatting in my consciousness ever since playing these tunes on their portable record player!

I’ve done some performances of this show and have found it to be an electric experience! Check out a rehearsal clip by clicking on the picture above.

Also check out a clip of one of the tracks I perform – The House of the Rising Sun.

This year, 2015, I’m offering house concerts with this show. Gather 20+ of your friends to your house at a cost if $20 per person (the hosts get in for free!) and I will come & play 2 x 50 min sets. If you want to grab a CD of my original material, then it would be extra $5.

I’m offering this Australia wide! Of course I won’t fly from Melbourne to Darwin for one gig (Aussie flights are soooo expensive!) but if I have enough of a cluster of shows to perform in one area, I will.

January 19, 2011

New album ‘Yes Is The Answer’ is on the way!

New material, applauded live and now recorded… acoustic, human…robots to a minimum! It’s been a while but the time is now. Click here to listen.

I’ve been hard at work applying for a grant to release the album, writing a business plan, lots of head work! But from much help from Young Werther, the process was eased.

What’s in the album? Well, taste the aperitif and you’ll get a good idea of the main course!

And when will the main course arrive, waiter? Well, (in a West Indian accent) the cook is busy chopping, slicing and putting on the finishing touches; putting in some blues with his own homemade Caribbean sauce to spice up the proceedings! Lol! In answer to your question, probably the second half of the year but don’t quote me!

Oh, and if you’re wondering what the question was, well, Yes is definitely the answer!

January 3, 2011

My Virgin Woodford

Woodford Folk Festival – the happiest 6 days of my career so far! Played 5 tents, endured the mud covered latrines and lived to tell the tale! I was entertained, enjoyed and inspired; muddied and nearly flooded; soaked, choked, applauded & exhausted by day 6!

Thank you so much to Sam Cook and Aunt Di for programming me, and the people of the Jinibara tribe for giving me the opportunity to share & shine on their land. 

My favourites were:
The Ray Mann Three (tighter & funkier than a mosquito’s tweeter!)
Spacifix (NERD on crack meets Turntablism with harmonies! ‘Nuff energy!)
Fourplay (string quartet with a difference)
Penny Larkins (Joni Mitchell tribute album – she nailed Coyote!)
Alanna & Alicia Egan (Joni Mitchell tribute album – soaring harmonies that take you to the stratosphere)
My Percival (what a way to start the day! A moving and inspiring man)
Microwave Jenny (just good!)
Andrea Kirwin (mesmeric tracks & gorgeous people!)
Stevie Salas & Bernard Fowler (power and conviction from 2 industry pros!) 

Can I do it again please?

December 9, 2010

Elwood Lounging!

Something to be repeated… playing with Tawanda on percussion and Lime on guitar and ‘occasional’ vocals… laying down some cool riddims… if only Lime was coming to Woodford…

November 29, 2010

‘I’ll Dance’ and I’ll sing!

Saturday Nov 13th, Elwood, recording for Tawanda Gadzikwa’s project ‘I’ll Dance’, an album raising money for Emerald Hill School for the Deaf in Harare, Zimbabwe. In on the session was Lime on percussion, Lina Andonovska on flute, Tawanda of course on cajon and the Brazilian big drum (my description!) and behind the camera Rachel Main. The picture speaks for itself.