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February 12, 2015

The Nina Simone / Bill Withers performance project



Nina Simone and Bill Withers. Yes indeed. Artists that know how to tell is like it is.

I’ve been a fan of these two for some time and when I was asked to put together a show, they came into my mind through an small window in the attic, made themselves at home, opened a suitcase brimming with these powerful songs and have been squatting in my consciousness ever since playing these tunes on their portable record player!

I’ve done some performances of this show and have found it to be an electric experience! Check out a rehearsal clip by clicking on the picture above.

Also check out a clip of oneĀ of the tracks I perform – The House of the Rising Sun.

This year, 2015, I’m offering house concerts with this show. Gather 20+ of your friends to your house at a cost if $20 per person (the hosts get in for free!) and I will come & play 2 x 50 min sets. If you want to grab a CD of my original material, then it would be extra $5.

I’m offering this Australia wide! Of course I won’t fly from Melbourne to Darwin for one gig (Aussie flights are soooo expensive!) but if I have enough of a cluster of shows to perform in one area, I will.