Free Bonus Tracks

When you subscribe to my mailing list, you can download 2 bonus tracks and The Secret Life of Yes Is The Answer! podcast about how the songs were written for free. As a subscriber, you can expect one or two emails every 2 months from me, and you can unsubscribe at any time. And I will never share any of your information with anyone.

2 Comments to “Free Bonus Tracks”

  1. Hi Geoffrey. I am wondering if you do workshops in secondary schools. I really enjoyed the songwriting workshops in the Daylesford Singers Fest n was wondering if I coukd get a copy of My Favourite Flairs. Cheers.

  2. hi man, your totally awesome, i’m 14 and i like your music and i was wondering if you could do a song about horsham college. my teacher Caitlin McGrath is going to send an email of ideas from the song to you. i like it, and i’m sure other too, if you could say that horsham college is awsome.
    thank you and i will email you later when i get the chance.

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