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December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas! ~ #Haiku 50

Summer (or Christmas) holidays / not taking laptop with me / haikus on return!

December 21, 2009


I have a strong pull to the music, comedy, historical tumult of the 1960s and after watching Dave Chappelle talk with Dr Maya Angelou, I got  re-inspired, re-minded.
Haiku #49
What’s essential is
invisible to the eye,
penetrate yourself
December 20, 2009

#Haiku 48

Feeling miserable on a Summer’s day!
Sun @ it’s highest –
although feeling gold-plated –
under the weather
December 19, 2009

#Haiku 47

Not sure where I played that evening. Hindsight, the I-told-you-so of thoughts, sometimes golden & hazy in its nostalgia, other times fully blurred especially when wearing a hat!?!

Good gig, few people –

quite disappointing but much –

vocal happiness

December 18, 2009

# Haiku 46:

No doubt there’ll be the obligatory photos up on Facebook!

End of year party

it’s good to see everyone

letting their hair down

December 17, 2009

#Haiku 45

Leaving my job as a child care assistant –

It’s been a pleasure –

a rich pot of memories –

thank you and goodnight!

December 16, 2009


#Haiku 44:

A good summer is

inversely proportional

to the pollen count

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December 15, 2009

#Haiku 43

The first performance

the flower girl near the sun

golden to the world

December 14, 2009

#Haiku 42

Eyes become blurry

nerves jangled, energy trashed

a male menopause?

December 13, 2009

#Haiku 41


Physical exercise

prevents me from becoming

a bad tempered arse!