I grew up on a diet of Desmond Dekker, Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, The Beatles and 60s & 70s UK Pop. I remember singing Xanadu (60s version) in front of my mum and dad’s old Blaupunkt radiogram (they still have it!). My music combines these elements!

I’m a performing & recording artist, promiscuously releasing several albums on various labels:

  • Heroes, Spies & Gypsies – Atlantic Records
  • Prisoner of Love – Atlantic/East West
  • Bare – EMI/Giant Records
  • The Drop – Hands on Records
  • Move Into Soul – Oyster Music
  • Yes Is The Answer – Independent

You can find tracks from many of these on iTunes. You can hear newer and archive material at You can also see some of my performances and marvel at my many fashionable (or questionable!) hair styles over the years on my YouTube channel!

Thank you so much for helping me, allowing me to continue doing what I love. Without you, I’d still be in my mum’s living room singing into a brush!

You can get in touch with me by email at or use the form below:

7 Comments to “Me”

  1. Hi Geoffrey, I managed to see you twice during the Woodford Festival. Cool . . . Smooth . . .

    I have a number of photos of those 2 gigs from OKish to Pretty Good … I’d like to send them over to you at some time. (130mb)

    Cheers, Darren Bayley

    • Hey Darren,

      Thank you so much. I hope your Woodford was as good (or better) than mine: I had an inspiring time! Still processing it…

      And thanks for joining my mailing list too! Re your pics, I’d love to have them. Do you use YouSendIt or a similar online large file sending service? I use them all the time: you upload your files, it sends me a download link (I’m probably speaking to the converted!).

      Looking forward to seeing them!

      Best wishes for 2011


  2. Geoffrey,
    Thank you for a most inspiring workshop on Subnday at Daylesford. (I was the guy who arrived early and interrupted your snack by interrogating you about your family’s musical background. How you described your father’s revelation about having been in bands as a young man was classic!)
    I currently sing in 3 Trees Commuity Choir based at Footscray City Primary School and formed a couple of years ago by parents to back the school’s childrens choir but now expanded to include any interested locals.
    I would also love to sing in an all male group/choir, particularly if you were to start one! What are the chances? Would you be prepared to run it closer to Melbourne (Bacchus Marsh, Melton etc)?
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    All the best for 2011.
    Iain McKie

    • Hi Iain,

      Thanks for your message. And thanks for coming to do the Soul Brothers workshop. It was great. Your performance brought a lump to my throat.

      I would be interested in starting a male Soul choir. Half way is a good idea. When and how I’m not sure. I think I need to have an idea of numbers. Do you know of anyone who’d be interested alongside you?

      Let’s keep in touch on this. Watch this space!

      Best wishes


    • Hi Iain, We chatted together at the end of the festival. I am definitely interested too !
      Geoffrey, you put soul into soul ! Thankyou !

      Andrew Holborn

    • Hey Iain, not sure I’ll be able to commit to a regular stint for a Soul Brothers choir but…

      Would you be interested in a series of Soul Brothers Weekender self-catered workshop over 2 days/nights, maybe 4 times a year in Daylesford? As a rough outline it could cover:

      working up a song arrangement,
      singing techniques,
      listening session (soul classics),
      record song,
      performance of the song or songs,
      performance by me
      CD to follow?

      What do you think? Hope all is well!

  3. hi geoff,
    im my friend Al the town Sandwich has asked me to contact you, not sure if you will remember him or not. if you do remember him please give him a call on 0034 619450270.

    also if you have it could you send Simon Stirling’s contact number so Al can get in contact with him. Simon should remember him if you dont.

    you have my email cheers

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