Yes Is The Answer! cover shot

Hope this message finds you well!

I have some exciting news…

It gives me the greatest pleasure to announce that Yes Is The Answer is available on vinyl…. yes Vinyl people! It’ll have a different image and one less track (Roaring Sky) because it couldn’t fit on the vinyl! Remember that??!!! 

Whether you have the album on CD, mp3 or not at all (how come?? Lol!), for $20 you can grab a copy when you subscribe to

You will also be able to pick one up from me when I receive my copies – I’ll put you on the waiting list!

I’m featured artist of the month and they’ve given me a beautiful write up (thank you Feedbands)! To read it, click the link below:

Go on, treat yourself to warm, human analog sound that wraps itself around your ears like a Angora blanket in winter!

That’s all for now


G x


  1. Hello G

    Thank for the email last week. It was really wonderful to hear from you. Please set aside a copy of the vinyl for me when you receive them. I will definitely be one of your first customers.

    Photography has been going well. I’ve been involved in some great projects. I did part of the photography for the Lalah Hathaway Live album. I just got several copies of the double vinyl version of it in the mail. Makes me so proud to see my photography on it. The album debuted at #2 on the Billboard charts, highest of her career. Lalah has become one of my closest friends over the years. She is such a beautiful soul. I can’t say enough great things about her. Fun side note: I got to meet and hang with Patti Labelle & Anita Baker at Lalah’s live recording. Anita and I hit it off like we were long lost friends.

    I go on the road with Rodriguez quite a bit. I’m the only photographer they hire. He is very camera shy, but is comfortable with me around. His website is made up solely using my photos. Check this out: All his tour posters are also designed with my work. I love the Rodriguez family. What an experience to travel with them. It’s usually a week at a time. Last summer we went on the road with Brian Wilson. What a treat meeting him. I even had dinner with him and Al Jardine one night in the green room.

    Here are more sets of what I’ve been up too. Very proud of the body of work I’ve built up over the years. Still wish it included doing some work with you. That would mean a great deal to me personally.

    Thank you again for writing. Can’t wait for that vinyl! I finally tracked down Bare on vinyl a couple years back. I never even knew it existed on vinyl!

    Best wishes Doug Sent from my iPhone


  2. Would love a copy of this on vinyl. Please keep me in mind when you have your copies.

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